Our Customers

This is what our customers say:


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Carol loves our location – easy to find – downtown Paris – across from market square
Waylon loves our temperatures – 60 to 80 – automatically controlled. His guitars stay in perfect condition.
Elizabeth loves our unit capacity – rented 2 units an $80 + a $60 – put her 3BR home here.
Krystal loves our credit card machine – she calls in her payment from over the phone.
Pat loves the customer/owner relationship – she feels her grandma’s antique china hutch and old pictures are safe – open 50 hours a week – on call 24/7.
Angelina loves the customer/owner relationship – she forgot her own lock – for her safety I have furnished a lock – until she brings her own.
Mike loves the customer/owner relationship – he paid for his unit – I gave him a refund for the days he did not use.
Martha loves the common area – she comes at times to sort and organize her materials – using my tables and chairs makes it easy.
Laura loves the common area – it helps her business by throwing Mary Kay (make-up parties) for 10 or more customers.